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"It's All About The Kids"




T4K's Sponsorship Philosophy


At Tackle 4 Kids we are excited to establish and maintain relationships with our sponsors and those who celebrate the sport of fishing and the outdoors. Tackle 4 Kids would not be in existence without the support of our sponsors. In return, we ask that you support these brands and organizations who have invested in children and the sport we love.

Tackle4 Kid's mission is to support Children Events. One of the ways we fulfill that mission is by promoting the Sport of Fishing. We know that the more demand we can create for children and families to get involved in this great sport, the more opportunities there are for Children to enjoy the outdoors and fishing with others.

Fishing and Fishing Related Companies and other direct sale methods represent a tremendous market for family fishing products. Many of these companies are creating important markets for Sporting events, and we believe that the good relationships incorporate increased participation by outdoor companies in order to advance the reach of families who enjoy these life styles.

Understanding how important these companies are to the future of our environment, T4K's accepts sponsorship dollars and product from outdoor and sporting related companies! Sponsorship supports and helps to underwrite the costs of our constant promotion and giveaways to charitable events, which increases the resources available to support fishing and outdoor activities. We also believe that our involvement with these charities helps increase kids understanding, appreciation, and demand for knowledge, in what we believe is the greatest sport ever. Every company that embraces these concepts makes it more likely, that children who attend some of these charities will receive the tools they deserve, to help them promote fishing and enjoyment of the outdoors as they grow into young adults.

We believe education is one of the keys for a child to fulfill their potential in this world. Without education, the chances for a child to better themselves. Helping them on a new path through education will lead them to a better quality of life.



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Tangible Donations Can Be Sent To:

Tackle 4 Kids
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